Our Story

Tse Construction was founded out of necessity, my family was looking for our next house to grow in and all we saw were new remodels that were flipped as quickly and as cheaply as possible. New construction was just as bad where the developer hired the lowest bidder and only cared if the house lasted past their two year warranty. From previous experience we did not want to purchase a "freshly remodeled" house from a builder we didn't know or trust and instead opted to buy an untouched house and remodel it ourselves.

It is very easy to cut corners in construction where the ramifications will take a few years to show. From not spraying for termites when you pour a new slab to not waterproofing a shower, I've seen it all. Doing things as cheaply as possible will lead to disaster for years to come.

I pride myself on completing the job right the first time and thinking about the next few decades of the structure instead of the new two years. You can wince once or you can wince a thousand times.

Real-estate is one of the most valuable assets you can own, why entrust the future of your investment with the lowest bidder.

Join me and lets build a future that we can see. At Tse Construction we build it the way you see it!


Tyler Tse



New Build

Start from the group up, and make it your own.


From moving a few walls to a complete gut down to the sewer line, we have you covered.


From a Guest house to a workshop, make the most of your property.


Tenant Improvements to New Locations, build your business to last.